Post, Core and Crowns with Dr. Yew Kai Shang

Dr. Yew Kai Shang
Dr. Yew Kai Shang

Post, Core and Crowns with Dr. Yew Kai Shang


Teeth can be weakened due to decreased dental structures and such problems can be attributed to multiple causes including caries, previous restoration, fractures or trauma, and endodontic access and instrumentation from root canal treatment. When a patient has suffered retained roots from affected dental structures, dentists can choose to either save or extract them based on the anatomical position of the tooth, the functional load on the tooth, the amount of remaining tooth structure and the tooth’s aesthetic requirements.



Root Canal Treatment and Post

Based on the images provided, we were able to save the patient’s tooth through root canal treatment followed by a post, core and crown. Root canal treatment is the process of removing the inflamed or infected pulp tissue within the tooth caused by bacteria. This treatment is especially applicable
to those who have suffered deep tooth decay, a cracked tooth and traumatic dental decay. After the tooth has been treated, a post is placed within the tooth’s root as it provides retention for restorative treatment, which involves the core and crown. Furthermore, the post is essential because it provides the tooth with coronal stability. In summation, post placement is recommended if the remaining coronal structure offer inadequate retention for final restoration and when there is sufficient root length for the accommodation of the post while maintaining adequate apical seal.


The Core and Crown Placement

The core aids in restoration by anchoring the crown, and is made up of amalgam or composites. Apart from retaining and anchoring the crown, core restoration has the ability to replace carious, fractured or missing tooth structures. Core restorations are normally recommended if the placement of missing coronal tooth structure is necessary or when the enhanced retention and resistance to displacement of final restoration is needed to prevent fractures. Last but certainly not least, final restorations will involve crown placement, which has the ability to not only protect the treated tooth, but also restore dental function while providing good aesthetic



Post, Core and Crowns with Dr. Yew Kai Shang

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