E-Max crowns with Dr. Raymond Su

Dr.Raymond Su
Dr.Raymond Su

E-Max crowns with Dr. Raymond Su

Full ceramic crowns or E-Max crowns are crowns which offer the best aesthetic results. They are normally placed on the anterior teeth. Based on the images, this patient presented with severe discolouration from trauma and many fillings within the teeth. On top of that, he also complained of dental crack lines caused by severe bruxism.

Because this patient was unhappy with his appearance and complained of aged looks when he smiled, I recommended that he undergo full crowns on his upper anterior teeth. After undergoing four E-Max crowns, we were not only able to improve his smile but additionally take years off his face as well. Moreover, because this patient suffers from dental grinding at night, I have also recommended that he wear a night guard to not only protect his original teeth but his new crowns too.

Why should patients choose E-Max crowns?

There are two forms of crowns available – full ceramic crowns or porcelain fused to metal (PFM) crowns. Although PFM crowns may be a perfectly viable option, patients will age and undoubtedly experience receding gums.

Once gums recede with age, the ugly black margins of the metal will be rather obvious. This is  especially apparent if PFM crowns are placed on the anterior teeth.

To improve aesthetics, patients undergoing dental prosthesis on the front teeth should opt for full ceramic crowns because not only are dark margins avoided, EMax crowns are translucent and naturally reflect light just like a natural tooth. Furthermore, because PFM crowns are made of metal, colours are opaque and come off looking unnatural when light is reflected against the prosthesis.

How is the treatment carried out?

Before full ceramic crowns are attached to the patient’s tooth, we will firstly grind the teeth down to an appropriate size. After the teeth sizes are reduced, temporary crowns will be provided, as the laboratory will need at least a week to manufacture the full ceramic crowns.

Once patients return to have their new E-Max crowns placed, the shape and size of the prosthesis can be further altered should patients be unhappy with the prosthetics’ look, colour or shape. In my opinion, E-Max crowns provide patients with great long-term aesthetic solutions.
Apart from being extremely durable and lasting for more than fifteen years, outcomes are very natural while providing the best possible
aesthetic outcomes.

E-Max with Dr. Raymond Su

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