About Us

Imperial Dental Specialist Centre

Imperial Dental Specialists Centre :
21 years in the making

Imperial Dental Specialist Centre was formerly known as How’s Orthodontics & Dental Surgery. As an integrated beauty and aesthetic centre, Imperial Dental Specialist Centre presents as a one stop dental centre providing comprehensive solutions for the dental, skeletal and soft tissue as well as neuromuscular problems of the craniofacial areas in total dental care integrated with the total physical health of the body.

We are particularly proud of our three core specialties: Smile Design Clinic, Implant and Orthodontics & Invisalign offering both surgical and non-surgical solutions to create a new smile for every patient. To complete the picture, we also offer lifestyle advice on healthy aging and anti-aging as a holistic approach.

We are accredited by the GCR, and by the Malaysian Healthcare Travel Council as a recommended dental centre in Malaysia.

Founder Message

As an dental surgeon with 33 years experience as well as obtaining the most coveted Surgical Leadership training from Harvard Postgraduate Medical School, I wish to apply what I have learned in the following :

  1. To build Imperial Dental Specialist Centre as an internationally acclaimed institution benchmark with USA and Singapore standards
  2. To build a one stop Centre by providing dental and oral health care to specialist level while pricing it affordably and competitively without compromising quality
  3. To implement efficient management to ensure a high level of quality and safety control

Therefore, in a nutshell, we are achieving total patient care to achieve full patient satisfaction. 

Message from Chief Consultant

As a Chief Consultant I achieved this level of competency with multiple qualifications in the specialty of Orthodontics, Prosthodontics, Periodontics, Pedodontics and Implantology through years of relentless pursuit for excellence. 

It is high time for me to pass on the skills and knowledge to train young elite dentists who aspire to be a specialist so that we can work together to build a specialist centre providing the highest standard of care at affordable level without compromising quality.

We will expand our care from orthodontic into all other specialties and integrate all under one roof to achieve total patient care and satisfaction.

Vision & Mission


Our vision is to be the leading dental centre of excellence in Malaysia as well as in the region. We hope to establish a global brand name pioneering the integrated total dental care philosophy. We are also committed to be at the leading front of dentistry utilising the latest cutting edge technology integrating the science and arts of Dentistry.


Our mission is SMILE:

  • To create beautiful Smiles and instill self-confidence in every patient
  • To motivate patients in oral healthcare
  • To fully digitise all dental specialties to offer a holistic solutions in the best interest of patients.
  • To promote Lifelong Learning in Continuing Dental Education
  • To publish clinical studies through research and development

We are committed to providing patients with first class service and experience. Equipped with state-of-the-art technologies and highly skilled specialists in all aspects of dentistry. We want to offer an unparalleled clinical expertise customised to your every need and we want to create a lasting smile that make the lasting first impression for our patient.

We also aspire to be the most sought-after integrated aesthetic centre of your choice that delivers our finest services through our highly-skilled professionals and most innovative technologies; Our role is to enhance your beauty and attaining your perfection.