Laser Crown Lengthening with Dr. Kong Sheng Earn

 Laser Crown Lengthening with Dr. Kong Sheng Earn

Laser crown lengthening is a procedure which exposes more teeth by removing the gums that conceal them. Crown lengthening for the reduction of gummy smiles was traditionally
carried out via scalpel and careful excision of the excess gums. This procedure will not only reduce a patient’s gum exposure during smiling and talking but also allows the tooth to
appear longer. Despite being a good treatment with positive outcomes, traditional crown lengthening procedures require meticulous planning and pre-operative measuring of how
much teeth dentists would like to expose, versus the amount of gums that necessitate excision.

Laser or Light Amplification by Stimulated Emulated Response is widely used and known for its applications in the industrial, military and medical sectors. With ever-improving scientific and technological advances in the dental industry, laser technology is now a staple in dentistry and practitioners can utilise laser energies at specific wavelengths and intensities for various clinical uses including laser crown lengthening. Laser replaces the conventional scalpel and is far superior when compared to traditional surgical methods. First and foremost, laser beams are of course far less frightening than a scalpel or blade. Secondly, because lasers don’t affect in bleeding due to the heat and coagulative properties of the beam, the treatment is less invasive and reduces downtime and bacterial infection while improving healing as well.



In the images attached, the patient is currently undergoing orthodontic treatments but still suffers from a gummy smile due to excessive gingiva. In this patient’s case, we have not only improved her smile line by recommending orthodontics it also combined the treatment with laser crown lengthening to improve cosmetic outcomes. In other words, by applying braces, we are able to push the teeth in while utilising laser energies to achieve optimal dental exposure.


Laser Crown Lengthening with Dr. Kong Sheng Earn

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