Overbite Woes

Dato’ Dr. How Kim Chuan

Tan Yee Yee had a deep overbite and, against the odds, had her problems fixed with Invisalign. When seeking treatment, Yee Yee complained that she didn’t like her flat smile and her slanting midline. Yee Yee was terribly unhappy with her deep overbite because her teeth were becoming more and more damaged and fractured and she was anxious that they would start to chip or become irregularly shaped.

According to Consultant Orthodontist, Implantologist and Aesthetic Laser Dentist, Dato’ Dr. How Kim Chuan of the Imperial Dental Specialist Centre (IDSC), one of the most difficult issues in orthodontics for Invisalign is correction of a deep overbite.

He states, “For overbite reduction, we need to increase the vertical facial height. With Invisalign providing full coverage of the teeth, correcting dental intrusions is fine but with extrusions it’s less so. Therefore, correcting deep overbites can be a challenge especially if the chosen orthodontic treatment is Invisalign. But it can be done.”

Dato’ Dr. How states that deep overbites can be easily corrected with conventional braces but are inefficient when it comes to intrusions or open bites. So, both orthodontic treatment types have their own strengths and weaknesses.

Although Yee Yee had straight teeth, it did not necessarily mean that she had a good smile. Dato’ Dr. How says that great smiles stem from facial and dental symmetry. “Here at the IDSC, we emphasise beauty and are always committed to creating gorgeous smiles. We don’t just straighten teeth, we’re artists and we create,” he says.

With over 500 Invisalign patients last year and rated the fourth highest Invisalign provider in Asia, IDSC is proud to announce that they have finally accomplished Invisalign’s highest accolade – Diamond Status. Apart from this, Dato’ Dr. How Kim Chuan has also been appointed to both lecture and speak on the advantages and benefits of Invisalign in neighbouring countries. He admits, “Our hard work has finally paid off.” 

I decided to undergo orthodontic treatment because I had a severe deep bite and was increasingly burdened by its inconvenience. In addition to damaged teeth, I had constant headaches and a sore jaw in the mornings. I was losing weight because I had difficulty chewing and also because of my prematurely smooth and flat molars.

Not one to prolong my oral issues, I chose to visit Dato’ Dr. How and the IDSC because he was recommended by my neighbourhood dentist, Dr. Ma, who explained how traditional braces had evolved to become more pleasant, effective and discreet. He also explained that Dato’ Dr. How was an Invisalign pioneer in Malaysia. I chose Invisalign as opposed to braces because they were just not aesthetically pleasing and I would have felt awkward wearing metal wires and brackets. With Invisalign, my work and lifestyle were impacted in a minimal way and, because it was effective, treatment time was shortened. Invisalign was without a doubt the right solution to my problems because not only were they invisible, I didn’t feel embarrassed laughing or smiling.

IDSC sets a high benchmark in the industry and everyone should experience the same quality, hospitality and care. They definitely provide patients with the most comprehensive and advanced dental procedures and treatment. Whenever I walk through the clinic’s glass doors, I walk in with confidence and assurance that they will be able to provide solutions to my needs. Last but not least, Dato’ Dr. How is amazing. He’s unquestionably helpful, compassionate, and almost father-like. From the beginning right to the end, Dato’ Dr. How treated me like family and provided me with practical solutions and useful advice.

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