Full Mouth Rehab

full mouth rehabilitation

Dato’ Dr. How Kim Chuan

Adrian has a complete mouth overhaul with Dato’ Dr. How Kim Chuan at the Imperial Dental Specialist Centre.

Adrian Shultz had missing, worn out teeth, damaged roots and gingival problems. Because of his multiple severe issues, Adrian had to undergo a range of different treatments or, in other words, full mouth rehabilitation. Consultant Orthodontist, Implantologist and Aesthetic Laser Dentist, Dato’ Dr. How Kim Chuan and the Imperial Dental Specialist Centre (IDSC) helped Adrian to regain a winning smile by meticulously mapping out the procedures he needed.

Dato’ Dr. How explained the work that was done: “We first had to tackle Adrian’s periodontal disease. To do this, we provided him with gum disease treatment. Later, we removed all the retained and infected roots and provided Adrian with a sinus lift and bone grafts. Last but not least, we put in the implants.”

Dato’ Dr. How says that although many patients think that one single dental treatment is able to treat a range of problems, that is not the case. He articulates that the best way to treat patients with multiple dental problems is by integrating a range of procedures and tailormaking them based on patient needs.full mouth rehabilitation

“IDSC is very proud to be a centre of excellence that integrates all aspects of dentistry. We deliver the results and produce many happy and satisfied patients.”

With the help of Dato’ Dr. How and the treatments and procedures provided at IDSC, Adrian now has healthy and happy gums and a new set of teeth. He also has a new sense of confidence. Dato Dr. How says, “Our main aim, of course, is to provide patients with a healthy oral cavity. But apart from that, we also wish to help patients regain their self confidence and improve their quality of life.” Adrian recently dropped by the clinic to visit him and, according to Dato’ Dr. How, Adrian not only looked positive and happy, but also brought along his new partner!

full mouth rehabilitationfull mouth rehabilitation


What Adrianfull mouth rehabilitation has to say about IDSC.

It was imperative that I got myself to the dentist to have my many dental issues treated. Apart from a partial top plate that had worn out my bottom teeth, I had 10 missing teeth and the others were so damaged, my lips had sunk. In addition to these problems, I found it very difficult to enjoy my meals. I had trouble chewing and biting and smiling without any teeth was no walk in the park either.

I was very happy that I found the Imperial Dental Specialist Centre. I had multiple treatments there but none of the procedures or dental work was uncomfortable. First of all, I underwent a thorough gingival cleaning and later had to undergo a sinus lift. Last but not least, I had implants and crowns put in. In total, Dato’ Dr. How provided me with 10 implants and all of them were done over a period of two years. I visited the dentists every six months till all the work was complete. I have to say that besides experiencing very comfortable treatment processes I left the clinic pain-free and healed very quickly as well.

As a patient with first-hand experience, including having gone through not one but multiple treatments, I have to say that the IDSC is very well equipped and provided an extremely high level of service. The cleanliness and hygiene of the centre and treatment rooms are excellent as well.

In my opinion, Dato’ Dr. How has always provided patients with the best care and has always been professional with his approaches. In fact, when I met Dato’ Dr How for the first time, I was very impressed with his assessments and proficiency. I believe Dato’ Dr. How and IDSC are top-notch because I had visited several other clinics before Dato’ Dr. How’s and by comparison, they were second rate.

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