Endodontics Treatment

Endodontics Treatment

endodontics treatment

Endodontic is a term used to encompass root canal treatments. Root canals are necessary in the event that the nerve tissue within your tooth dies or begins the process of dying. There can be several causes of nerve death with the most common being a neglected dental cavity that has entered or approached the nerve tissue.

Other reasons include excessively deep restorations (fillings), fractured teeth (usually due to large fillings), or various types of trauma determined by force to the face/tooth area. Once the nerve dies, fluid begins to collect below the tooth in the jawbone, creating a painful feeling of pressure. This collection of fluid is called an abscess and root canal treatment or extraction is required immediately to alleviate the patient’s discomfort.

Symptoms include extended sensitivity to cold temperatures, pain to biting pressure, throbbing and swelling. This procedure allows you to keep a tooth that would previously have had to be extracted, and likely saving you money compared to the replacement options.

Restoring the Tooth After Root Canal
For small cavities in front teeth, your dentist may place a tooth-colored filling after a root canal. Usually, though, your tooth will need a crown. The crown is created in a dental laboratory. It is made of porcelain, metal or a combination of the two.

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