Accredited, Highly Skilled & Experienced Specialists

We have incorporated a highly skilled specialist Orthodontist, Prosthodontist, Implantologist, Oral Maxillofacial Surgeon, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon, Aesthetic Physician, Aesthetic Dentist, Wellness Healthy Aging Physician, all jointly and integrally involved in formulating a total aesthetic care for our valued patients.

Our accredited, highly skilled & experienced Specialists are every ready to serve you.

At Imperial, we have a team of skillful, passionate, kind and professional registrars who are ever willing to help you get back on the path of healthy oral cavity.

Guided by our Chief Consultant, Dato’ Dr How Kim Chuan, each registrars will be given ample clear, direct instructions on each treatment on every stage in order to help you achieve the perfect oral health.

And then here are the diligent, hard working, every-ready nurses who are always eager to assist doctors and patients alike. These are the heroes who will be the first person to come to a doctor’s aid. No doctor is able to perform a treatment alone and be efficient at the same time. The nurses are the one who will be taking care of patients from the waiting area right up to the consultation room and vice versa, until the patient is back at the counter for their exit. They too handle much more behind-the-scenes actions such as cleaning up the dental chair and consultation room daily, managing lab cases, ensuring patient’s flow for a specific doctor, following up to checkup on the patients and also photography.

And what is a team of specialists going to do without the aid of non-medical staff in running a clinic?

Meet our customer service executives, who under strict instructions from our Chief Consultant, are to always keep the patient smiling. These are the people who will be managing patient flows, coordinate with labs, maintaining clinic efficiency, reporting any sort of maintenance problems, delighting customers to a cup of coffee, and just about everything beyond the treatments.


The doctors-nurses-customer service team at Imperial are always working together cohesively to ensure the smoothest patient experience possible. We pride ourselves in achieving this through the tightest teamwork possible. As our chief consultant mentions time and time again, teamwork is the essence of a successful clinic.

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