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When creating that perfect smile, there are specific parameters that guide aesthetic dentists. For example, we always follow something called the ‘Golden Proportions’. When we talk about proportions, we always relate width and length ratios, the amount of gingival (gum) display, and even the age and sex of the patient. Creating a beautiful smile that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing is not simple. Many

Dato’ Dr. How Kim Chuan

dentists tend to oversimplify beautiful teeth by giving every single patient the same treatment. In my opinion, however, each patient has many different facial characteristics which may bring about dissimilar results. Aesthetic beauty is divided into three sub-groups. First, we have macro-aesthetics where we look at how well the patient’s teeth compliment his or her face. If teeth do not aesthetically blend well, it can m ean the patient suffers from gumminess, protrusions, or sunken teeth. While teeth may be aligned, under bites, overbites, and gummy smiles will affect in the overall macro aesthetic features of the patient. After that, we move on to mini-aesthetics. In terms of mini-aesthetics, we will examine how straight teeth are and whether they’re arched inward or outward. Last but not least, micro aesthetics will scrutinise the shape and curve of the teeth, how titled they are and whether gums have triangular spaces between them. In terms of treatment to correct most issues related to all three sub-groups, orthodontics can be prescribed. However, should patients have macro-aesthetic related issues such as gumminess, surgical interventions may be needed.

Regarding how age determines our decisions, if patients are younger, they look more aesthetically pleasing if the upperteeth are more vibrant. As you grow older, it’s advisable to show less of the teeth. For patients who are more senior in age, we aim to make just the lower teeth more visible.

Along with age, gender also comes into play. Aesthetically, male teeth should be more square-shaped and larger while female chompers should be more slender and sharper. Women’s teeth should be more exaggerated while men’s should exude a more masculine feel. When making teeth more feminine, it’s not solely about the shape but the position of the front teeth in relation to the canines as well. For ladies, the canine teeth are extremely important because they can provide an aura of unassuming sexiness. Once the position of the teeth is rectified, we will move forward by curving and shaping teeth. There’s always a degree of both science and art to each specialised dental treatment.As an aesthetic dentist, you must be able to appreciate the marriage between science and art in order to create that beautiful smile.






Combination Treatments Are Key

Treatments for creating a beautiful smile will primarily include orthodontics. If there is overcrowding, we will first remove selected teeth and later move the rest into position. Once orthodontic treatments have been carried out, we are then able to move forward with other related aesthetic dental treatments such as crowns and bridges, composite fillings, lasers and even implants. For the general dental practitioner,
the most common treatments are composite fillings perhaps combined with crown and bridge work. On a specialist level, we will usually use orthodontic treatment as a foundation and later combine this with lasers, crowns and bridges and even aesthetic contouring. Aesthetic contouring is an amazing treatment which allows dentists to beautifully shape teeth to their preferred silhouette using a burr. No human being has natural, perfectly-shaped teeth. Every tooth will be a different shape and length and, thus, to achieve that flawless smile aesthetic dentists will have to trim and shape teeth to their proportionate size and length. While patients may fear the cutting or augmentation of teeth, we will always assure them that functionality will still be maintained through our conservative treatment plans.

In the end, patients have to realise that Mother Nature can only do so much. Should patients yearn for aesthetic perfection, human craftsmanship is the only path towards their desired goals. In Imperial Dental Specialist Centre, we not only straighten teeth, but provide well-rounded treatments that will give patients the confidence to smile wide. We are even considering bringing in a professional photographer to provide patients with beautiful before and after photos to further increase their confidence so they have a keepsake of their treatment and new smile.

The Importance Of A Smile

To quote Phyllis Diller, ‘A smile is a curve that sets everything straight.’ It has the power to release stress and brighten up even the most horrible of days. In my opinion, if everyone took the initiative to smile, petty disputes would be nothing more than a memory. While there are a few who frown due to anger and disdain, others choose not to smile because they are embarrassed by their unpleasant chompers.As an aesthetic dentist, I have found that many patients with bad teeth have low self-esteem and inferior complexes. Along with that, many with unappealing smiles also do their level best to control the width of their smiles and sometimes choose not to smile at all. Or else they put their hand over their mouth to cover it when they do smile. Because these patients have spent their whole lives concealing their teeth,
sometimes, even after treatment, they continue to hide their pearly whites subconsciously. They don’t even realise they’re doing it.

As an orthodontics specialist, I find great satisfaction when patients start to rebuild their self-assurance after treatment. Perfecting a smile may seem insignificant, but with my many years as a dental specialist, I have come to the conclusion that beautiful teeth can change lives as well. Although boosted self-confidence is reason enough, functionality is as important if not more important. Many patients with crooked teeth or protruding jaws may also suffer from the impaired ability to comfortably chew or eat because their teeth may not sit together perfectly. In this respect, dental treatments to correct dental abnormalities will not only provide gorgeous looking pearly whites but teeth that fulfill their intended function as well.

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