Potential of Invisalign III

“No One Knew I Was
Having Treatment”      

We speak to Chan Kai Xuan (Age/ Occupation/ Bit of background?) tells us about her experience with Invisalign treatment.  

When she decided to get her teeth straightened, Chan Kai Xuan did not know what treatment options were available in the market. However, a relative of hers who is a dentist advised her to opt for Invisalign.

“I always wanted to straighten my teeth but wanted an alternative to the conventional way of straightening teeth with braces. Conventional metal braces are not aesthetically pleasing to the eye and would be embarrassing. Metal braces change the way you look. Hence, I made the decision to get invisible aligners,” she explained

Kai Xuan was surprised to find that Invisalign treatment was very comfortable and easy. “It felt a little uncomfortable while I was getting used to it, but that was only on the very first day. After that, I barely knew that I was wearing an aligner,” she said.

Treatment with Invisalign was not complicated at all, according to Kai Xuan. “A customised treatment plan was drawn up for me during my initial visit. Based on my treatment plan, a series of custom-made, clear aligners were created for me. Approximately every two weeks, I had to wear a new set of aligners, advancing me to the next stage of treatment. I was given a set of six aligners altogether.

What she found most appealing was that she didn’t have to visit the dentist to get adjustments done or anything fixed. When it was time to put on the new aligner, she simply put it on. “I found it very easy as I could do this on my own in the comfort of my own home without the need to visit my dentist. This was convenient and an aspect that I really liked about Invisalign.”

She found that Invisalign fitted into her lifestyle perfectly in this respect. She also liked being able to remove the aligners when she ate. Being able to brush and clean them well was another hygienic plus point. And if she had a social event to attend and didn’t want to wear them, she simply removed them.

By the third month of treatment she noticed the changes. Two years on, she is happy with the results. “I have no complaints at all,” she said. In fact, she now recommends the treatment to others.

“I have recommended Invisalign to my friends and have not heard anything negative about it at all. The main reason I recommend it to my friends is because treatment is comfortable, easy and the best part of it all – it’s invisible. No one ever noticed I had an aligner on to correct my misaligned teeth!” 

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