Orthognathic and Orthodontic Services with Dato’ Dr. How Kim Chuan

 Orthognathic and Orthodontic Services with Dato’ Dr. How Kim Chuan

Here at the Imperial Dental Specialist Centre, we offer a  combination of services that amalgamate both orthodontic treatments and orthognathic surgery to correct severe cranial facial discrepancies. When patients suffer from severe under bites or dental facial discrepancies, such cases are generally beyond the scope of orthodontic treatment and will necessitate surgical correction.
While surgical correction with a maxillofacial surgeon is required, patients presenting with severe under bites will first and foremostly need orthodontic care before surgery can be performed. Patients with cranial facial discrepancies are initially required to undergo orthodontic treatment because surgeons will not be able to establish appropriate dental occlusions or bites without preliminary bracing or Invisalign treatment. In short, comprehensive treatment plans will require appropriate orthodontic planning and initial dental movements into suitable positions. Later, a maxillofacial surgeon will step in to surgically correct the jaw. Once surgical intervention is carried out, patients will have to undergo one last round of orthodontic care before treatments are finally complete.

What can patients with severe dental discrepancies
expect during orthodontic treatment?

When patients with severe under bites opt for treatment, we will recommend orthodontic care to correct his or her dental occlusion or bite. Although patients are able to functionally bite down and eat before any form of treatment, severe cranial facial discrepancies do affect in facial disfigurements that can only be corrected with a combination of orthodontic and surgical care. In order to correct the disfigurement, we will have to make patients worse before they can feel or look better. In other words, suitable orthodontic care will affect in poorer or impeded occlusions where patients won’t be able to bite but conversely, attain improved facial shapes. Once the teeth are remedied, surgical care will conclusively result in normal facial forms
with teeth that comfortably occlude as well.

Previous patients

Based on the pictures attached, you can clearly see that this patient suffered from cranial facial discrepancies where his bite is completely misaligned. Furthermore, it’s also evident that after orthodontic treatment, the patient’s bite was also made worse. However, once surgical treatment was carried out, the patient not only looked much better but additionally achieved improved oral function as well. Unlike what most would assume, severe cranial discrepancies
will not necessitate extended periods of treatment time. After 12 to 15 months of orthodontics, patients should be prepped and ready for surgery. After surgery, patients will experience a recovery period of four weeks coupled with another six months of orthodontic care.


Severe facial discrepancies and Invisalign treatment

Patients suffering from severe facial disfigurements can either undergo orthodontic treatments with braces or Invisalign. The advantage related to Invisalign is that when compared to braces, Invisalign aligners are invisible and non-obvious. Furthermore, Invisalign also provides digital visualisations of treatment, which allows patients to foresee future treatment plans and give them a rough idea of when surgery will take place. In addition, not only are Invisaligns more precise, they may also affect in shorter treatment times because aligners can be changed at a quicker pace while achieving the same results. Last but not least, because post-surgical recovery periods will affect in jaws being wired shut, patients are forced to be on liquid diets. With Invisaligns however, patients undergoing their recovery period are given the option of removing their aligners, which allows them to comfortably open their mouths and eat.

Orthognathic and Orthodontic Services with Dato’ Dr. How Kim Chuan

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