“I never thought it was possible to ever have ‘Hollywood star grade set of teeth'”

Dr Raymond created a beautiful smile for Ms Mink Ong, she is very happy and satisfied with her Invisalign treatment and veneers. Thanks to Dr Raymond Su, now she brings back a nice and confident smile from our clinic!

Dear Dr Raymond,


Words cannot express my heartfelt thanks for not only doing such a good job but save me from killing 7 good teeth just to match one dead one. Yes, it sounded ridiculous but as I had a crown on my front teeth, I had to make a decision if I am ready to use veneer for the 7 good teeth and risk having the crown spoiling everything or go ahead and make 7 crowns to match the one crown.

You not only took time to explain, more importantly, you were very patient and in no hurry. You showed me the different choices I have and being a fickle, indecisive and unsure woman, you skilfully helped me make a wise decision.

Even though it seems like a bad deal for the company, I promise I will be Dr Raymond’s most loyal fan and promoter. His honesty is the biggest motivation and I shall make special effort to bring him as many customers as I can. He is a rare gem, an honest professional who believe in the best for his patient.

During the many hours of meticulous care and building my veneer, he is still very polite, very careful and encouraging while I feel no pain or discomfort at all. He never ask me to open my mouth or stretch my lips unnecessarily. If anything, he is constantly worried about if I am feeling fine.

The end result was  a master piece. I never dream of such lovely set of teeth ever in my whole life. I have always been ashamed of my uneven, yellow, discoloured and badly handled fillings done by past dentist that I never thought it was possible to ever have “Hollywood star grade set of teeth” but Dr Raymond made the impossible possible and at such great value.

I am very grateful and truly appreciative of such a professional and skillful dentist. He is a major asset to the owners of the clinic and should be greatly valued. My sincere thanks to Dr Raymond, for the rest of my life, every time I smile, you are the reason for bringing back my confidence and happiness. I feel like a million dollars and ready to flash my smile – I have the biggest reason to smile for. May God bless you for your honesty, integrity, professionalism, genuine and sincere care and concern for your patients.

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