A Lovely Testimonial from Miss Yip

imperial testimonial “It is so vital for me to know what is going on during the procedure assuring me and putting me at ease”

I was desperately in need for a transformation from a self-conscious person to a confident person. Having front teeth that was unappealing has made me loose self-confidence. I also had some missing teeth that needed implants. Living in Australia, dental service are very expensive and I have been putting off fixing my teeth for a long time. A friend of mine back home in Kuala Lumpur recommended I should seek Dato’Dr How’s dental service. After reading his credentials, I decided i will give myself a chance to get my teeth fixed.   When I stepped into Dato Dr How’s surgery, I was greeted by friendly staff. Their professional and friendly manner made me felt comfortable and I knew i will be in good hands. After talking with Dato Dr. How with his clear explanations of what he was intending to do with my teeth , and looking at the state-of-the-art technology equipment, everything is impeccably neat, tidy and clean. I felt “safe” to be in his hands to let him “transform” me. Dato Dr.How’s explained every procedures he was performing, giving me the assurance along the way. It is so vital for me to know what is going on during the procedure assuring me and putting me at ease. Now , I’m smiling with confident knowing that people is looking at my perfect set of front teeth. Is is worth the time, effort and money to have my teeth fixed. Thank you Dato for helping me and please pass on my sincere thanks to your staff for making m visits to your surgery so welcoming.

Thank you Ms Yip for this lovely testimonial! We’re happy that you transformed into a confident person Richard Sherman Authentic Jersey

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