Laser periodontal treatment

laser periodontal treatmentHodokawa Yoshihiro got his satisfying treatment done by Dato’ Dr. How!

His first visit to Imperial Dental with chief complaints of bleeding gum on upper right first molar with trifucation can be seen on the exposed root area and a blackish discolouration found on upper left central incisor cervical area.

After periodontal treatment with combination of laser treatment done on upper right first molar regions, furcation has disappeared and no more pockets found in the molar regions. Dr How successfully eliminate the 6-7mm pocket at molar regions by performing combination of laser and periodontal treatment.

While at left central incisor region, Dr How used laser therapy to treat the periodontitis followed by placement of zirconia crown.

Patient really appreciate all the hard work done by Dato Dr How and he’s very satisfied with the crown color, this help him to boost his confidence when talking to clients. Michael Bennett Womens Jersey

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