Invisalign before veneers

Although veneers may provide immediate aesthetic results, they cannot fix major dental discrepancies, terribly overlapped or an- gulated teeth and malocclusion. If patients desire the best possible result, they may have to undergo orthodontic treatment or Invis- align before veneers are even an option. Patients with crowded or angulated teeth may not be the best veneer candidates because teeth will require excessive shaving so they’re even enough for ve- neer application. The problem with this however, is possible tooth damage, which may affect in tooth sensitivity and reduced long- term stability. In addition, dentists must also ensure appropriate space distribution in order to achieve golden proportions. To ad- dress such issues, we must first achieve the most symmetrical teeth possible and once this has been attained with Invisalign, stunning veneers can be applied. This form of combination treatment re- mains the golden standard in dental aesthetics and patients can rest assured they not only secure exquisitely natural-looking teeth but also a smile that is both balanced and proportionate.

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