Every morning since then I smile in the mirror

A patient of ours, Mr Vernon Waretini from New Zealand had a fantastic experience in our dental clinic last year, and kindly wrote this review to let you know about it: =================== Dr Raymond Su is a genius dentist! If you are thinking of having dental work overseas I would definitely recommend him and the Imperial Dental Specialist Centre. I am from New Zealand and … [Read more...]

Smile and the World Smiles with YOU !

  When creating that perfect smile, there are specific parameters that guide aesthetic dentists. For example, we always follow something called the ‘Golden Proportions’. When we talk about proportions, we always relate width and length ratios, the amount of gingival (gum) display, and even the age and sex of the patient. Creating a beautiful smile that is both … [Read more...]

Treating Wisdom Teeth

I remember when my wisdom teeth starting popping out. One word comes to mind: dreadful. I thought to myself: No wonder babies screech when their teeth are coming through! From sleepless nights to bad breath caused by difficult oral care, I prayed that the nightmare would end. While my experience was no walk in the park, once they had all broken through, all my wisdom teeth … [Read more...]

Potential of Invisalign III

“No One Knew I Was Having Treatment”       We speak to Chan Kai Xuan (Age/ Occupation/ Bit of background?) tells us about her experience with Invisalign treatment.   When she decided to get her teeth straightened, Chan Kai Xuan did not know what treatment options were available in the market. However, a relative of hers who is a dentist advised her to opt for Invisalign. “I … [Read more...]

Implant Supported Dentures!

A cheaper, fixed but removable option. What do we normally relate to the elderly? First, of course, is the proverbial ‘advice’ they like to give us young people. Second, their lack of teeth and that imagery of denture removal and popping them into a glass filled with water before bedtime. Albeit funny and adorable in some ways, we ‘young people’ with strong teeth don’t … [Read more...]

Quick and Painless !

    "Great service, friendly doctor & nurses. It was a quick and painless process. Will definitely come back for my yearly scaling & polishing treatment. Thank you!" :) Thank YOU for the kind feedback, Intan!   … [Read more...]

Full Mouth Rehab

Adrian has a complete mouth overhaul with Dato’ Dr. How Kim Chuan at the Imperial Dental Specialist Centre. Adrian Shultz had missing, worn out teeth, damaged roots and gingival problems. Because of his multiple severe issues, Adrian had to undergo a range of different treatments or, in other words, full mouth rehabilitation. Consultant Orthodontist, Implantologist and … [Read more...]

Overbite Woes

Tan Yee Yee had a deep overbite and, against the odds, had her problems fixed with Invisalign. When seeking treatment, Yee Yee complained that she didn’t like her flat smile and her slanting midline. Yee Yee was terribly unhappy with her deep overbite because her teeth were becoming more and more damaged and fractured and she was anxious that they would start to chip or become … [Read more...]

You Raise Me Up – Dato’Dr How Kim Chuan

Lifting the Sinuses Dato’ Dr. How Kim Chuan from the Imperial Dental Specialist Centre repairs sinus declinations with modern instruments and techniques. The Sinus Lift procedure is starting to gain momentum and is becoming increasingly popular among patients. It is recommended to patients who have lost their teeth for an extended period of time, thus leading to … [Read more...]

” I wanted a presentable smile”

Ang Nooi Kiang tells Mariel Chow about undergoing orthodontic, implant and full mouth rehabilitation treatment with consultant orthodontist, implantologist and aesthetic laser dentist, Dato’ Dr. How Kim Chuan. “ I was so lucky to have found Dato’ Dr. How. It was as simple as seeing his clinic’s signboard when I was driving home. I have been a patient of Dato’ Dr. … [Read more...]

“Great professionalism and perfection”

        "I have seen Dr How for implants and follow up quite a few times now, let's say off and on. I know at times my case was not an easy one, but I must say that each and everytime, it was dealt with great professionalism and to perfection. Dr How will do great to satisfy his patients as he did for me. I know that in my case he went beyond. Dr … [Read more...]